Do midsize grips lose distance

Do Midsize Grips Lose Distance in Golf:

Have you ever wondered if the size of a golf club’s grip affects the distance of your shots? Exploring the relationship between midsize grips and shot distance is a fascinating aspect of golf. 

This article delves into whether grip size, specifically focusing on ‘Do Midsize Grips Lose Distance in Golf,’ impacts a golfer’s ability to achieve greater distances on the course.

Do Midsize Grips Lose Distance in Golf? 

Yes, midsize grips in golf can potentially affect distance due to their impact on club control and swing mechanics.

The size of the grip on a golf club can influence how a player holds the club and, consequently, their swing. Midsize grips, while providing benefits like improved control and reduced hand tension, might affect the swing mechanics of some players. 

A larger grip could potentially hinder the ability to release the club properly, leading to changes in the swing speed, resulting in a potential loss of distance. However, this impact varies among individuals based on their hand size, swing style, and preferences. 

Do midsize grips lose distance

Some players might experience improved performance with midsize grips despite any potential distance trade-offs, while others might notice a slight decrease in distance due to altered swing mechanics. It’s essential for golfers to experiment and find the grip size that best suits their comfort and performance.

What Is A Midsize Golf Grip? 

A midsize golf grip refers to a grip size that’s larger than a standard grip but smaller than an oversized grip. It’s designed to accommodate golfers who may have larger hands or those who prefer a slightly thicker grip for increased comfort and control during their swings. Choosing the right grip size is important as it can affect your grip pressure, shot accuracy, and overall feel of the club.

The diameter of a midsize golf grip typically ranges from about 0.590 inches to 0.610 inches (about 14.9mm to 15.5mm). This diameter is larger than the standard grip size, which usually measures around 0.580 inches (about 14.7mm).

There are various grip sizes available, including standard, midsize, and oversized, each catering to different hand sizes and preferences.

Do midsize grips lose distance

Types of Grips:

Standard Grip

This is the most commonly used grip size, with a diameter usually around 0.580 inches. It suits many golfers but might not be optimal for those with larger hands or specific preferences.

Midsize Grip

Slightly larger in diameter (ranging from 0.590 to 0.610 inches), midsize grips cater to golfers with larger hands or those seeking a more substantial grip for increased comfort and control.

Oversized Grip: 

These grips have diameters larger than midsize grips, catering to golfers who prefer an even thicker grip. They might help reduce hand tension and can be beneficial for golfers struggling with hooks or excessive hand movement during their swings.

Importance of Grip Size:

Selecting the right grip size is crucial. A properly fitted grip promotes a more relaxed and natural hold on the club, potentially reducing tension and improving swing consistency. It can also affect the amount of grip pressure applied, impacting shot trajectory, control, and the golfer’s overall feel for the club.

Personal Preference and Performance:

Golfers often experiment with grip sizes to find what suits them best. Factors such as hand size, comfort, swing mechanics, and shot tendencies all play a role in determining the ideal grip size for an individual. Finding the right balance between comfort and control is essential to optimize performance on the course.

Do midsize grips lose distance

Why Use Midsize Golf Grips?

Midsize golf grips are used for increased comfort, better fit for larger hands, reduced hand pressure, improved control, and potential alleviation of hooking tendencies, catering to individual golfer preferences for enhanced performance on the course.

  1. Hand Size: Larger-handed individuals often find midsize grips more comfortable as they provide a better fit and prevent the hands from feeling too cramped.
  1. Reduced Hand Pressure: With a thicker grip, golfers might experience reduced grip pressure, leading to a smoother swing and potentially minimizing the risk of hand and wrist strain.
  1. Control and Feel: Some golfers feel they have better control and feel of the club with a midsize grip, especially if they tend to grip the club tightly with standard grips.
  1. Reduced Tendency for Hooking: For players who tend to hook the ball (a shot curving excessively to the left for right-handed players), a midsize grip might help minimize this by encouraging a lighter grip pressure, leading to straighter shots.

Ultimately, the choice of grip size often comes down to personal preference and comfort, as well as how it affects a golfer’s swing mechanics and overall performance.

Who Should Use A Midsize Golf Grips? 

Midsize golf grips benefit golfers with larger hands, seeking increased comfort, reduced hand pressure, improved control, and potential assistance with hooking tendencies, enhancing overall performance.

Golfers, especially those with larger hands or discomfort with standard grips, benefit from midsize golf grips. These grips offer increased comfort, reduced hand pressure, improved control, and may help mitigate hooking tendencies during swings. 

They cater to individuals seeking a better-fitting grip, allowing for a more relaxed hold on the club, potentially leading to enhanced performance and a more consistent, comfortable experience on the golf course.

Difference Between Standard and Midsize Golf Grips

Standard Golf Grips:

  1. Size and Diameter: Typically, standard grips have a diameter of around 0.580 inches, catering to a broad range of golfers.
  2. Hand Fit: Suitable for many players, but those with larger hands might find them slightly cramped or uncomfortable.
  3. Grip Pressure and Control: While standard grips work well for most, some golfers might experience slightly higher grip pressure due to the smaller size, potentially affecting control.
  4. Shot Tendencies: Golfers struggling with hooks might not find specific relief as the grip’s size doesn’t inherently encourage lighter grip pressure.

Midsize Golf Grips:

  1. Size and Diameter: Midsize grips range from approximately 0.590 to 0.610 inches in diameter, providing a thicker grip.
  2. Hand Fit: Ideal for golfers with larger hands, offering a more comfortable and better-fitting grip compared to standard grips.
  3. Grip Pressure and Control: Midsize grips often promote a lighter grip pressure due to their larger diameter, potentially improving control and swing consistency.
  4. Shot Tendencies: The larger diameter might assist golfers struggling with hooks by encouraging a lighter grip, potentially minimizing excessive hand action during swings.

Final Thoughts 

Overall, midsize grips might slightly change how you feel and control the club, but any distance loss is very small. They make the club more comfortable and easier to control, so they’re a good choice for many golfers. 


How many wraps for midsize grip?

For a midsize grip, usually, adding one or two extra wraps of grip tape achieves the desired thickness, though the exact number depends on personal preference for comfort and feel.

Does a midsize grip help with a slice?

A midsize grip might not directly correct a slice in golf. However, it could indirectly assist by potentially encouraging a lighter grip pressure. Excessive grip tension can contribute to a slice. A midsize grip’s larger diameter might promote a more relaxed hold, reducing grip tension for some golfers, potentially aiding in controlling the clubface and reducing slicing tendencies. But it’s important to note that correcting a slice involves multiple factors beyond just the grip, such as swing mechanics and clubface orientation at impact. 

When Should You Use Midsize Golf Grips?

Midsize golf grips should be considered when standard grips feel too small or uncomfortable, when seeking reduced hand pressure, increased control, or a better fit for larger hands. They can also be beneficial if struggling with hooking tendencies or aiming to fine-tune grip comfort for improved performance on the golf course.

Do Midsize Grips Change Swing Weight? 

Yes, midsize grips can alter the swing weight of a golf club. The additional material used in midsize grips increases their weight compared to standard grips, potentially resulting in a slight change in the club’s overall swing weight.

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