What is a plus handicap in golf

What is a Plus Handicap in Golf?

In golf, you might come across the term “plus handicap.” It might sound puzzling, but it actually tells us how skilled a golfer is. Understanding what is a plus handicap in golf is like discovering how good someone is at playing golf. 

Let’s dive into what is a plus handicap in golf and why it’s a sign of exceptional golfing abilities.

What is a Handicap in Golf? 

A golfer’s handicap serves as a measure of their skill level. Lower handicaps indicate better players. A scratch golfer, with a handicap of zero, typically plays on par with the expected scores for a course. However, a plus handicap emerges when a player’s skill surpasses this standard.

What is a Plus Handicap in Golf?

A plus handicap denotes a golfer who performs better than scratch. These golfers, with handicaps like +1, +2, or even higher, consistently achieve scores lower than scratch golfers. For instance, a +3 handicap implies a golfer might shoot about three strokes better than a scratch player on the same course.

Gaining a plus handicap requires unmatched consistency and skill. It’s reserved for players who consistently outperform the expected scores on a course. Achieving this status reflects a golfer’s dedication and mastery of the game’s intricacies.

In competitive golf, a plus handicap symbolizes top-tier talent. These elite players are found among exceptional amateurs and professional golfers who dominate the sport. Their plus handicaps distinguish them as the cream of the crop.

A plus handicap signifies a golfer’s deep understanding of the game’s dynamics. These players possess exceptional skill in maneuvering the ball around the course, demonstrating precision, control, and mastery of golf’s complexities.


A plus handicap in golf is a testament to exceptional skill and unwavering commitment. It’s a mark of recognition earned by those who’ve dedicated themselves to mastering the game. For those who achieve a plus handicap, it acknowledges their extraordinary ability in a sport that demands nothing less than excellence.

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