10 finger grip in golf

The 10 Finger Grip in Golf: A Simple Guide

Golfers often use different types of grips to hold their clubs, and one of the widely used grips is the 10 finger grip, also known as the baseball grip. This particular grip involves using all ten fingers on the club’s grip, providing a comfortable and secure hold, especially favored by beginners, individuals with smaller hands, or those seeking a stronger connection to their club.

10 finger grip in golf

the steps to achieve the 10 finger grip in golf:

1. Proper Club Positioning:

Begin by placing the club face down on the ground, ensuring the club head is pointing toward you. This position makes it easier to set your hands correctly on the grip.

2. Placement of the Non-Dominant Hand:

For right-handed players, this would be the left hand (and vice versa). Position your non-dominant hand on the grip with the palm facing towards the target. Ensure the club runs diagonally through the fingers, with the thumb slightly to the right of the shaft (for right-handed players).

3. Secure Finger Wrap:

Gently wrap your fingers around the grip while maintaining a relaxed but firm grip pressure. The thumb should sit comfortably just to the side of the shaft, offering stability and control.

4. Adding the Dominant Hand:

Without releasing the grip, slide your dominant hand below your non-dominant hand on the grip. Position your dominant hand so that the palm faces towards your target, similar to your non-dominant hand.

5. Interlocking Fingers:

Interlock the fingers of your dominant hand with the fingers of your non-dominant hand on the grip. Ensure a comfortable yet secure fit, allowing both hands to work together seamlessly during the swing.

6. Confirm Thumb Alignment:

Check that the thumbs of both hands align straight down the shaft (for right-handed players). Proper thumb placement assists in maintaining club control throughout the swing.

7. Establishing a Secure Connection:

Verify that both hands are securely connected to the club without any noticeable gaps or excessive tension. This connection ensures a unified movement of the hands during the swing.

Remember, while mastering the 10 finger grip is essential, it’s just one component of a successful golf swing. Pay attention to other crucial elements such as proper posture, correct alignment, and smooth swing mechanics. Consistent practice and refinement of these aspects will lead to an overall improvement in your golf game.

Experimenting with grips is also beneficial. While the 10 finger grip suits many golfers, some might find other grips, like the overlapping or interlocking grips, better suited to their game.

So, practice diligently, get comfortable with your grip, and enjoy the journey of improving your golf skills on the course.

A Golfer Holding a Golf Club with 10 finger grip in golf

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