What Golf Clubs Do You Need for Pitch and Putt

What Golf Clubs Do You Need for Pitch and Putt

Golf, a game that requires precision, strategy, and the right equipment, can be enjoyed in various forms. Among the most accessible and enjoyable variations is Pitch and Putt. 

This unique version of golf presents its own set of challenges and requirements, particularly when it comes to selecting the appropriate clubs. In this guide, we’ll explore “What golf clubs do you need for Pitch and Putt?” 

This delightful sport primarily requires a putter and a few wedges, such as a pitching wedge and a sand wedge, essential for navigating the shorter distances and delicate shots characteristic of Pitch and Putt. 

Let’s uncover the essential clubs necessary to hone your skills in this enjoyable variation of golf.

Understand What is Pitch and Putt? 

Pitch and Putt, a condensed version of traditional golf, is designed for players to navigate shorter holes with compact distances. Typically consisting of holes ranging from 40 to 100 yards, this variant emphasizes accuracy and short-game finesse. Due to the shorter distances involved, specific clubs are essential for players to effectively tackle the challenges of these courses.

Understanding the Essential Clubs for Pitch and Putt

1. Pitching Wedge

The cornerstone of a Pitch and Putt set, the pitching wedge is indispensable. Characterized by its lofted face, this club is designed for short-distance shots, making it ideal for approaching the green from a close range. With its loft angle, usually around 45-50 degrees, it facilitates high, precise shots necessary for conquering the shorter holes of a Pitch and Putt course.

2. Sand Wedge

While not as commonly used as the pitching wedge, the sand wedge proves to be invaluable in certain situations. Featuring a higher loft angle (around 54-58 degrees), the sand wedge aids in shots requiring elevation over obstacles or when dealing with bunkers. Its versatility can be beneficial in navigating the various challenges presented by Pitch and Putt courses.

3. Putter

Arguably the most crucial club in a Pitch and Putt player’s arsenal, the putter is used on the green to roll the ball into the hole. Its design focuses on accuracy and control rather than distance. Selecting a putter that feels comfortable and suits your putting style is vital for success in this aspect of the game.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Pitch and Putt Clubs

Club Weight and Balance

For Pitch and Putt, clubs with balanced weight distribution prove advantageous. This balance ensures control and accuracy in short shots, allowing players to execute precise swings with ease.

Shaft Length and Flexibility

Considering the shorter distances involved in Pitch and Putt, clubs with shorter shafts offer better control and accuracy. Additionally, a slightly more flexible shaft can assist in achieving the necessary height and spin for close-range shots.


Pitch and Putt, with its focus on short distances and precise shots, demands a specific set of golf clubs tailored to these requirements. The pitching wedge, sand wedge, and putter stand as the fundamental clubs needed to navigate the challenges of this delightful variant of golf.

Mastering the art of Pitch and Putt requires practice, skill, and the right equipment. By understanding the importance of these essential clubs and considering the factors that contribute to their effectiveness, players can enhance their performance and enjoyment of this fascinating game.

While Pitch and Putt may involve shorter holes, the precision and finesse required make it an equally engaging and rewarding experience for golf enthusiasts of all levels.

Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQs) 

What do you need for a pitch and putt?

Typically, you’ll need golf clubs, golf balls, comfortable attire, and appropriate footwear for a pitch and putt game.

What do you need to take to pitch and putt?

Basic essentials include clubs, balls, comfortable clothing, and suitable shoes. Additionally, water and snacks might be helpful during the game.

Can you use an 8 iron for pitch and putt? 

Yes, an 8 iron can be used for pitch and putt, depending on the distance and your personal preference for shots.

How many clubs can you use in pitch and putt?

Generally, using a few clubs (3-4) is sufficient for a pitch and putt game, covering various shot distances.

What is a 56 degree wedge used for? 

A 56-degree wedge is commonly used for short approach shots around the green, bunker shots, and pitches due to its loft.

Can you use a 9 iron as a pitching wedge?

While a 9 iron and a pitching wedge have different degrees of loft, in some cases, a 9 iron could be used similarly to a pitching wedge depending on the situation.

Do you need tees for pitch and putt?

Tees are not necessary for pitch and putt since the game is typically played on shorter holes and often starts from designated mats or turf.

Do you use a tee in pitch and putt?

Generally, tees aren’t used in pitch and putt as shots typically begin from mats or designated turf areas.

What age is pitch and putt for?

Pitch and putt is suitable for all ages, providing a more accessible and less challenging version of golf, making it enjoyable for beginners and experienced players alike.

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