Do You Wear Golf Shoes for Indoor Golf

Do You Wear Golf Shoes for Indoor Golf?

Indoor golf has seen remarkable popularity thanks to its convenience for golfers of all levels. However, a common dilemma indoor golfers face is whether to wear golf shoes in a golf simulator. The question, “Do You Wear Golf Shoes for Indoor Golf,” often lingers. This article will explore the advantages and disadvantages of wearing golf shoes in a simulator. We’ll also touch upon suitable clothing choices for indoor golf practice. 

By the end, you’ll clearly understand the footwear debate and be equipped with insights into the attire that best suits your indoor golfing sessions.

Do You Wear Golf Shoes for Indoor Golf? 

Wearing golf shoes for indoor golf is a matter of personal preference. While they are not a strict necessity, some players wear them for added stability and comfort during indoor golf sessions. Ultimately, it depends on your comfort and playing style.

Advantages of Wearing Golf Shoes in a Golf Simulator:

1. Practice with Optimal Balance and Weight Transfer:

Golf shoes are designed with specialized soles that provide excellent grip on turf. When you wear golf shoes in a simulator, you can replicate the feel of being on an actual golf course. This helps you maintain proper balance and execute a more natural weight transfer during your swings, which is crucial for improving your golf game.

2. Avoid Unnecessary Swing Adjustments:

Playing golf without golf shoes in a simulator can cause you to slip or lose your footing, leading to adjustments in your swing. You can ensure a stable stance and minimize the chances of making unnecessary swing changes by wearing golf shoes. This consistency is vital for refining your golfing skills.

3. Consider Your Height in Your Practice:

Golf shoes can play a significant role in improving your posture or stance. They add height to your stance, which can assist in achieving the correct body position and posture during your shots. This can be especially beneficial for tall golfers.

Disadvantages of Wearing Golf Shoes in a Golf Simulator:

1. It’s Easier Not to Bother with Golf Shoes:

Golfers may find practicing in regular athletic shoes or even barefoot more convenient. While this approach lacks the advantages of golf shoes, it’s a personal preference, and only some feel the need for specialized footwear in a simulator.

2. Golf Shoes Can Bring Mud into the Golf Simulator:

If you’ve recently played on an actual golf course and your golf shoes are muddy, wearing them in a simulator can lead to dirt and debris being transferred onto the simulator floor. This may require additional cleanup and maintenance.

Do You Wear Golf Shoe Spikes in a Golf Simulator?

The use of golf shoe spikes in a golf simulator is generally discouraged. Most simulators have non-abrasive surfaces that don’t require spikes for traction. Spiked golf shoes can potentially damage the simulator surface and should be avoided.

What Clothes Should You Wear in a Golf Simulator?

When it comes to clothing for indoor golf, comfort is vital. Wear clothing that allows you to move freely during your swings. Golf shorts or pants and a golf shirt are suitable choices. Avoid wearing clothing with zippers or accessories that could scratch or damage the simulator screen.

Do You Wear Golf Shoes at the Driving Range?

At a traditional driving range, wearing golf shoes is optional. Many golfers prefer to practice in athletic shoes or even casual footwear. The driving range typically has a different surface than a golf course, so the advantages of golf shoes for stability may be less pronounced.

What Clothes Should You Wear to the Driving Range?

Like the golf simulator, comfort and ease of movement are essential at the driving range. Golf-appropriate attire, such as golf shirts, shorts or pants, and a hat for sun protection, is suitable. Again, avoid clothing that restricts your movement.

Golf Simulator Dress Code – Golf Shoes Plus Any Other Outfit You Like:

Ultimately, the dress code for a golf simulator should prioritize your comfort and the preservation of the simulator’s surface. While golf shoes can offer advantages in terms of stability and balance, they are not mandatory. Choose an outfit that lets you focus on your swing and enjoy your indoor golf experience.


The decision to wear golf shoes in a golf simulator is a matter of personal preference. Consider their advantages regarding balance and stability, but also be mindful of the potential disadvantages, such as dirt transfer. Ultimately, comfort and ease of movement should guide your choice of attire for indoor golf practice.


1. Is it OK to wear golf shoes casually?

Yes, it’s perfectly fine to wear golf shoes casually. They can be comfortable for everyday wear, especially if you like their style and traction.

2. Do people wear golf shoes at simulators?

Some people do wear golf shoes at simulators, but it’s not necessary. Regular athletic shoes work well too.

3. Can you golf in gym shoes?

Yes, you can golf in gym shoes. Many casual golfers choose gym shoes for comfort and convenience.

4. Do people wear golf shoes as regular shoes?

Yes, some people wear golf shoes as regular shoes because they find them comfortable and stylish for everyday wear.

5. Does Tiger Woods wear golf shoes?

Yes, Tiger Woods does wear golf shoes when he’s on the golf course, as they provide the necessary support and grip for his game.

6. Does Tiger Woods use a golf simulator?

Woods has likely used golf simulators for practice, but it’s not his primary way of training. He prefers real golf courses for practice and competition.

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