Best Beginner Disc Golf Set

Top 5 Best Beginner Disc Golf Set

If you’re new to this dynamic sport, you’re in for a treat. Disc golf combines the thrill of traditional golf with the frisbee-tossing fun of ultimate frisbee. It’s a game that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels, making it an excellent way to get active and have some outdoor fun.

Now, as a beginner, one crucial decision you’ll need to make is choosing the right disc golf set. A well-designed beginner set can make all the difference in your enjoyment and success on the course. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through everything you need to know about selecting the best beginner disc golf set!

When choosing a beginner disc golf set, there are several factors worth considering. First and foremost is finding a set that matches your skill level and playing style. Each player has their own unique preferences when it comes to weight, grip feel, stability, and flight characteristics.

Additionally, consider how many discs are included in each set. Some sets may only include two or three discs (typically a driver, mid-range disc,and putter), while others may offer more variety with additional specialty discs such as fairway drivers or utility discs.

Without further ado let’s explore our top 5 picks for best beginner disc golf sets currently available on market.

Why a Beginner Disc Golf Set is Important?

When starting out in any sport, having the right equipment can make all the difference. Disc golf is no exception. A beginner set specifically designed for new players is crucial for several reasons.

A beginner set ensures that you have the appropriate discs for your skill level. These discs are designed to be more forgiving and easier to throw, allowing beginners to learn and improve their technique without becoming frustrated.

A beginner set often includes a variety of discs with different flight characteristics. This allows newcomers to explore different throwing styles and find what works best for them. It’s like having a toolbox full of options!

Additionally, using a beginner set ensures that you’re using discs made from durable plastic that can withstand frequent use and potential rough landings. This means your discs will last longer before needing replacement.

Investing in a beginner set provides an opportunity to save money compared to purchasing individual discs separately. Sets typically offer better value for money while still providing high-quality equipment.

Having the right tools when starting out in disc golf can greatly enhance your enjoyment of the game and facilitate your progress as a player. So don’t underestimate the importance of choosing the best beginner disc golf set!

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Beginner Disc Golf Set

When it comes to choosing a beginner disc golf set, there are several important factors to consider. These factors will help ensure that you find a set that is suitable for your skill level and playing style. Here are some key considerations:

1. Disc Types: 

Beginner sets typically come with a variety of discs, including drivers, mid-range discs, and putters. It’s essential to choose a set that includes all three types as they serve different purposes on the course.

2. Weight:

The weight of the discs is crucial, especially for beginners who may not have developed significant throwing power yet. Opting for lighter-weight discs can make it easier to achieve distance and control during throws.

3. Plastic Type: 

Discs are made from various types of plastic, each offering different qualities such as durability or grip. Beginners should look for sets with durable plastics that can withstand impact without easily getting damaged.

4. Stability Ratings: 

Every disc has stability ratings indicating its flight characteristics—speed, glide, turn (tendency to move right), and fade (tendency to move left). For beginners, it’s generally advisable to choose discs with lower speed ratings and more stable flight paths.

5. Set Price: 

While cost shouldn’t be the sole determining factor when selecting a beginner set, it’s still an important consideration for many players starting out in the sport.

By considering these factors carefully before purchasing a beginner disc golf set, you’ll be able to find one that suits your needs and helps you improve your skills on the course.

Top 5 Best Beginner Disc Golf Sets

Best Beginner Disc Golf Sets

1. Innova DX Disc Golf Starter Set

The Innova Disc Golf Set, a complete set that includes one driver, one mid-range and one putter. Made with beginner weights in comfortable DX plastic, this set is perfect for those just getting started in the sport. But don’t be fooled by its lightweight feel – these discs have been approved by the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) and are built for quality performance.

Experience a new level of accuracy and control with each throw as you master your driving technique with the driver disc, nail those tricky mid-range shots with precision using the mid-range disc, and finish strong on every hole with confidence thanks to the putter. And with its varying colors, each pack is unique and adds a fun element to every game. 

So whether you’re hitting up your local course or competing in a tournament, trust in Innova’s Disc Golf Set to elevate your gameplay. Made in the USA for guaranteed quality craftsmanship.

Material: Plastic

2. Dynamic Discs Prime Beginner Friendly Disc Golf Set

Take your game to the next level with the Dynamic Discs Prime Burst 3 Disc Golf Starter Set. Perfect for beginners of all ages, this set includes a putter, midrange, and fairway driver in vibrant colors that will vary from pack to pack. The lightweight yet durable discs are perfect for mastering those tricky throws without fear of overturning. 

With an escape disc for easy release and maximum control on midrange shots, a truth disc for straight flight paths, and a judge putter that flies straight and glides effortlessly towards the chains – this set is designed to help you achieve new distances and improve your accuracy. 

Made with high-end plastic material approved by PDGA (Professional Disc Golf Association), these discs feel great in hand and are easy to throw. So whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your skills up a notch, this starter set is sure to elevate your game on the course.

Material: Plastic

Best Beginner Disc Golf Sets

3. Discraft Starter Pack Beginner Disc Golf Set

Ready to hit the course and start your disc golf journey? The Discraft Starter Pack Beginner Disc Golf Set has got you covered. This set includes everything a beginner needs – a driver, mid-range, and putter – all in one convenient pack. No more searching for individual discs or worrying about which ones to buy. 

With this starter pack, you’re equipped with high-performance gear that is perfect for all skill levels.Each disc is PDGA approved, ensuring top-quality materials and designs for maximum accuracy and distance on the course. Plus, with assorted colors available, it’s easy to personalize your set and stand out from other players.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking for an excellent gift for the disc golfer in your life, the Discraft Starter Pack is a must-have addition to any collection. So grab your friends, hit the course, and let the fun begin.

Material: Plastic

Best Beginner Disc Golf Set

4. DYNAMIC Latitude 64 Westside 5 Disc Golf Starter Set

Another best beginner disc golf set is the Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64, and Westside Discs’ Five Disc Misprint Pack. This pack includes a variety of high-quality discs from Prime/Classic, BioFuzion/Lucid/Fuzion lines that have minor cosmetic flaws but still deliver exceptional performance on the course. 

With a perfect combination of tackiness and firmness, these discs offer an incredible feel and grip for throwing those long drives or accurate putts. Plus, the durable construction ensures they can withstand rugged courses without losing their original flight characteristics after multiple rounds. Upgrade your disc collection with this dynamic misprint pack today.

Material: Plastic

5. Innova Disc Golf Set

The Innova Disc Golf Set has a complete set that includes all you need to play like a pro. Perfect for beginners, this set is made of DX plastic and comes in beginner-friendly weights so you can focus on mastering your throw without worrying about heavy discs weighing you down. 

The set features one driver, one mid-range, and one putter, ensuring versatility and control on the course.Not only is this set perfect for beginners, it’s also certified by the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA), assuring its quality and performance.

Made in the USA with top-notch materials, this set will have you driving towards victory in no time. With various colors available (may vary), choose your favorite or mix things up for a fun and eye-catching game. 

So grab your friends and family and get ready to enjoy hours of outdoor fun with the Innova Disc Golf Set!

Material: Plastic

Each of these beginner disc golf sets has its own unique features that cater to different playing styles preferences but they all share one common goal: providing new players with everything they need to get started in disc golf! Whether you prefer Innova’s trusted brand or want to try something new like Latitude 64’s retro line, there’s a beginner

Tips for Beginners on How to Choose the Right Set

  1. Consider your skill level and goals: Before purchasing a beginner disc golf set, it’s important to assess your skill level and what you hope to achieve in the sport. Are you a complete novice looking to learn the basics? Or do you have some experience and want to improve your skills? Understanding where you stand will help you select a set that aligns with your abilities.
  2. Research different discs: Each disc in a beginner set serves a specific purpose. Take the time to research different types of discs such as drivers, mid-range discs, and putters. Understand their flight characteristics and how they perform in different situations. This knowledge will enable you to make an informed decision when choosing your first set.
  3. Seek advice from experienced players: Don’t hesitate to reach out to experienced disc golfers for recommendations and tips. They can offer valuable insights based on their own experiences with various sets. Their guidance can help steer you towards a set that suits your needs.
  4. Test before investing: If possible, try out different discs before making a purchase. Many courses or shops offer rental options or demo days where beginners can test various sets without committing financially. Testing discs allows you to get a feel for their grip, weight, and flight patterns, helping you find the right fit for your playing style.
  5. Budget wisely: While it’s tempting to go all-in on expensive professional-grade equipment from the start, it may not be necessary as a beginner player who is still learning the ropes of the game. Assess your budget realistically and invest accordingly – there are plenty of quality beginner sets available at affordable prices.

Remember, finding the right disc golf set is about finding what works best for YOU! Experimentation is key; don’t be afraid to mix-and-match until you discover which combination of discs feels most comfortable in your hands and helps improve your game.


Choosing the right beginner disc golf set is crucial for those new to the sport. It can greatly impact your learning curve and overall enjoyment of the game. By considering factors such as durability, weight, and skill level, you can find a set that suits your needs perfectly.

In this article, we have explored some of the top options available in the market for beginners. The Discraft Beginner’s Set offers excellent value with its three versatile discs and durable construction. The Innova DX Starter Set provides a great balance between quality and affordability, making it an ideal choice for budget-conscious players.

For those looking for a complete set with additional accessories, the Dynamic Discs Prime Starter Pack stands out with its inclusion of a bag and mini marker disc. The Latitude 64 Retro Starter Set appeals to players who appreciate retro aesthetics while providing reliable performance on the course.

If you prefer lighter discs designed specifically for younger or less powerful throwers, consider the Discraft Starter Pack Beginner Disc Golf Set which includes three lightweight discs perfect for kids or beginners.

Remember to pay attention to your own preferences and skills when choosing a beginner disc golf set. Don’t be afraid to try different types of discs as you progress in your journey as it will help refine your technique. With practice and determination, you’ll soon become comfortable navigating through various courses like a pro!

So get out there! Grab yourself one of these fantastic beginner sets that we’ve recommended today. 

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